Airbus Military has opened a new military aircraft training centre in Seville, Spain.

The two-storey building, covering 13,000m², will house six full-flight simulators and a range of computer-based training devices.

The facility will include training provision for the A400M new-generation aircraft as well as light and medium aircraft and military derivatives of commercial models.

It will also accommodate two full-flight simulators, one for the C295 and another for the CN235 aircraft.

An A400M simulator will be installed prior to the planned entry into service of the aircraft in 2012.

All the simulators will be capable of specialised activities such as flight with night vision goggles, rough field take-offs and landings and air-dropping of loads or paratroopers.

The new centre will also provide the fully integrated tactical system (FITS) at the heart of Airbus Military’s surveillance aircraft.