The Canadian Air Force is to receive an interactive 3D simulation solution from Ngrain for use in integrated information learning environment (AFIILE).

The virtual task trainer (VTT) solution will be delivered to maintenance technicians across the air force community to accelerate learning across a distributed learning environment.

The Ngrain solution will use interactive 3D simulations of the CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft to deliver results-driven training for aircraft maintainers and technicians.

In preparation for delivery, two Ngrain VTT solutions have passed the test for sharable content object reference model (SCORM) compliance on the AFIILE environment.

The mk46 lightweight torpedo VTT and the CP-140 Corrosion Control VTT, will enable students to explore the systems, identify parts, review key assembly / disassembly and maintenance procedures, and review troubleshooting exercises.

The VTT solutions are based on the 3D knowledge object (3KO), which is a unique approach that embeds subject-matter-expertise with detailed 3D models into a self-contained format.