The Israeli Air Force (IAF) is to launch a new squadron comprising eight simulator pods of Israeli fighter jets, including various models of the F-15 and F-16.

The IAF will deploy the systems, known as simulator farm, at the Hatzor Airbase near Ashdod, to practice dogfights, bombing runs and air manoeuvres.

Developed by Elbit Systems, the simulator will include seats for a pilot and a navigator and an additional simulator for the navigator to practice bombing manoeuvres and attack modes.

The simulators will save money on fuel and allow pilots to drill manoeuvres and scenarios that cannot be performed in live flights.

By 2012, the simulators will be integrated, enabling pilots to practice joint missions, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The air force will also use the simulators to train its pilots to fly against advanced surface-to-air missiles.

Israel is developing a technology to connect the simulators to real aircraft and hold joint exercises, with some crew in aircraft and others in simulators.