Poland has unveiled two PZL-130 Orlik TC II trainer aircraft at the EADS PZL Okecie Warsaw plant following the completion of an upgrade.

A fully aerobatic, two seat military turboprop trainer, the PZL-130 TC-II aircraft is equipped with Martin Baker ejection seats and powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6-25C 750shp engine.

The upgraded Orlik aircraft is equipped with Garmin IFR avionics to carry out training missions even in no-visibility conditions.

The modification has also reduced the aircraft’s fuel consumption by 20%, increased maximum speed to 456km/h and enhanced its manoeuvrability by 40%.

The Polish Air Force currently operates 38 Orlik aircraft.

EADS PZL Okecie will upgrade 14 additional Orlik aircraft to the TC II standard, under a contract signed in January 2010.