The Mexican Ministry of Defence has awarded a contract to Eurocopter for the delivery of six additional EC725 helicopters for transport and civil security operations.

Eurocopter will supply a total of 12 EC725s to Mexico’s Secretaría de La Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) in the second quarter of 2011.

In March 2009, the defence ministry awarded a contract to Eurocopter to supply the same number of rotary-wing aircraft.

A member of the Cougar helicopter family, the EC725 is an 11t medium-lift, twin-engine helicopter equipped with five main rotor blades.

The EC725 offers a flight endurance of 5.30 hours and can carry 29 passengers and flight crew.

The EC725 can perform missions including search and rescue, personnel transport, the airlift of medical supplies, and food and logistics support.