The US Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate has awarded a contract to Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) for software development activities.

The 12-month, $25m contract is part of the existing $500m programme, awarded to ISS in two increments in 2009.

Under the contract, ISS will provide software development activities associated with numerous Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security customers.

The activities will focus on the development of thick client as well as rich internet applications (RIA) and the exploration of cloud computing technologies.

The programme will also involve the use of ISS’s web -enabled temporal analysis system tool kit (WebTAS-TK).

The WebTAS-TK will enable users to process, analyse, and visualise large amounts of intelligence data from many disparate sources in multiple form factors.

The programme will also allow ISS to maintain its ongoing support to combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.