The Russian Federation Air Force and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) are to conduct a joint air defence exercise from 8-11 August 2010.

The exercise, named Vigilant Eagle, will involve Russian, Canadian and US Air Force personnel operating from command centres at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska and Khabarovsk in Russia.

It will also involve the Russian Federal Air Navigational Service and US Federal Aviation Administration.

Under a cooperative military agreement, the NORAD, the US and Canadian command, and the Russian Federation Air Force will conduct a live-fly exercise for up to five days.

It will consist of two international flights, one originating in Alaska and travelling to the Far East followed by one originating in the Far East and travelling to Alaska.

Russia will deploy its AWACS E-3B and A-50 aircraft, while the US will deploy its fighter-interceptor aircraft and refuelling aircraft during the exercise.

The exercise will provide the participating nations with an opportunity to jointly detect, track, identify, intercept and follow an aircraft as it proceeds across international boundaries.