Lockheed Martin has delivered its first AN/AAQ-39 targeting system full production unit to the US Air Force.

Based on the gunship multispectral sensor system (GMS2), the Q-39 is the electro-optical / infrared fire control system for the USAF Special Operations Command AC-130U gunship.

Hurlburt Air Force Base 4th Special Operations Squadron Commander Lt Col Patrick Clowney said the Q-39 would increase capability and situational awareness and provide a clearer battlefield picture to the user.

Q-39 will include a large-aperture, midwave infrared sensor, two image-intensified television cameras and a near-infrared laser pointer.

It will also include a new solid-state, three-colour laser designator and software enhancements to increase system performance and reliability.

These components will be integrated into a highly stabilised turret to ensure outstanding image quality and highly accurate line-of-sight pointing for gunfire control.

Lockheed will complete the delivery of 12 full production units in 2011, under a contract awarded in July 2008.