Sukhoi has completed the preliminary on-land and in-flight trials of three engineering prototypes of the Russia fifth-generation aircraft, the frontline aviation advanced airborne complex (PAK FA).

The PAK FA prototypes have completed testbed strength tests, on-land optimisation of fuel systems and other flight trials, while the flying prototype has completed 16 flights.

The fifth-generation fighter will be equipped with new avionics to integrate the function of an electronic pilot with an advanced phased antenna array radar.

The new avionics will reduce pilot fatigue and enable the pilot to concentrate on performance of a tactical mission.

Onboard equipment on the PAK FA will allow information exchange in the real time mode with on-land control stations and aviation group aircraft.

Its composite material and aerodynamic streamlining will ensure unprecedented radar, optic and infrared stealthiness to enhance operational capability against aerial and ground targets in all conditions.

The Russian Air Force is expected to acquire at least 50 to 100 units of the fighter.