The US Air Force’s T-38 Talon aircraft is receiving new escape systems that will improve aircrew safety and comfort.

Martin-Baker Aircraft is installing the new seat, called the mk US16T, on all T-38Cs at Randolph AFB.

The new seat will eject at zero altitude and zero airspeed, enabling the aircrew to bail out on the ground, and provide rapid deployment of the parachute following ejection.

It will hold a 45lb parachute, which incorporates multiple safety features in a container called the head box.

Equipped with an inter-seat sequencing system, which has a selector box with three options, the seat will decrease the chance of aircrew collision during ejection and potential aircrew burn.

12th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment instructor Rey Gutierrez said the rear seat ejects up and to the right, and the front seat ejects up and to the left, so a collision is unlikely.

The seat will also decrease the potential of injury to aircrew members, especially at high airspeed, because its thigh and ankle restraints keep them more secure.

It will also include a survival kit with a radio, flares, a mirror, a first aid kit, water, a flashlight and other items as well as fittings for a faster release of the parachute canopy.