The Russian Air Force will acquire Ka Class helicopters once Russia buys a Mistral Class helicopter carrier from France.

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise deputy director Vyacheslav Kovalyov told RIA Novosti that the state armament programme currently stipulates the purchase of several dozen helicopters as part of the deal.

Russia tested the landing of Ka-27 Helix and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters on the Mistral vessel in November 2009, according to Kovalyov.

The air force had previously planned to buy the Ka-52 Alligator, Ka-226 Hoodlum helicopters and Ka-27M, a new modification of the Ka-27 helix helicopter.

The Russian Air Force will acquire up to 100 Ka Class helicopters including 70 Ka-27M choppers to equip Mistral ships.

Russia is currently negotiating the purchase of at least one French-built Mistral Class amphibious assault ship and expects to finalise the deal by the end of the 2010.