The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is considering beginning an independent review into an investigation of a Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter crash that blamed the two pilots for gross negligence.

The Chinook mk2 helicopter crashed on 2 June 1994 en route to Inverness from Northern Ireland, killing all 29 people onboard.

In the original RAF board of inquiry, the two pilots, Flt Lt Jonathan Tapper and Flt Lt Richard Cook were found responsible for the Chinook crash.

However, documents released in the beginning of 2010 suggest that faulty computer software may have caused the aircraft accident, according to the BBC.

An internal Ministry of Defence document, written nine months before the accident, said that the software controlling the helicopter’s engines contained 174 anomalies.

Another report, written on the day of the crash further hinted at the need to cease operations of the aircraft.