The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has begun a joint training exercise with the Greek Air Force (GAF) in the skies above the Aegean Sea.

The MINOAS 2010 exercise, which began on 25 May and will continue to 3 June, is operating out of a Greek air base on the island of Crete, according to

It will include practice for aerial battles, long-range missions and mid-air refuelling.

The IAF has deployed ten new aircraft including five F-15I Rams and five F16I Sufas that are capable of carrying out long-range attack missions.

An IAF refuelling tanker will also take part in the drill, while the GAF has deployed its 15 F-16s for the exercise.

The IAF is also expected to deploy its CH-53 helicopters in Greece to simulate rescuing pilots from behind enemy lines.