Alenia Aermacchi has conducted the first flight tests of its new sophisticated helmet-mounted display (HMD) system for the M-346 Master advanced training aircraft.

The HMD system, fully integrated with aircraft avionics and an embedded tactical training simulation system, will act as an interface between the pilot and aircraft systems.

It will enable the pilot to receive attitude, navigation, tactical and mission information directly on the helmet visor, independently of the direction in which he is looking.

The M-346 aircraft equipped with HMD system will teach trainee pilots how to use the helmet while flying aircraft such as the Eurofighter, F-35, Rafale and F-16.

Weighing under 1.6kg, the helmet will decrease pilot fatigue under high-g manoeuvres while the low voltage will ensure high levels of safety.

It will include a micro camera to capture the pilot’s field of view, including visor symbology to enable post-flight debriefings.

The M-346 Master HMD system’s unique feature will include its ability to present synthetic symbology, high-resolution images and the accuracy of the pilot’s line-of-sight measurement.