Lockheed Martin has delivered the first advanced extremely high-frequency (AEHF) satellite to the USAF’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in preparation for its launch on 30 July 2010.

The AEHF system will provide improved, highly secure and survivable communications for all warfighters in service with the US military.

Succeeding the five-satellite Milstar constellation, a single AEHF satellite will provide greater total capacity than the entire Milstar constellation currently in orbit.

It will also enhance individual user data rates, making them up to five times Milstar’s highest speed.

This will allow the transmission of tactical military communications, such as high-quality real-time video, and quick access to battlefield maps and targeting data.

The second AEHF spacecraft, SV-2, is currently undergoing intersegment tests for its first flight in 2011, while the third satellite, SV-3, has completed acoustic testing before its scheduled launch in 2011.