The Swiss Air Force’s four F/A-18C tactical operational flight trainers (TOFT) have achieved ready-for-training status.

As part of the F/A-18 flight simulator upgrade programme, the TOFTs have been installed and networked at Payerne Air Force Base in Switzerland, according to

They have been equipped with the Swiss F/A-18C’s latest operational flight programme upgrade to ensure the devices remain concurrent with the Hornet platform.

Integrated with L-3 Link’s SimuSphere 360° field-of-view visual display, the F/A-18 trainers will provide pilots with visibility of up to 100nm.

They will enable pilots to jointly conduct simulated air-to-air and air-to-ground tactical manoeuvres, aerial refuelling and emergency procedures, as well as allowing joint helmet-mounted cueing system and night vision goggle operations.

A brief / debrief room, using real-world mission planning systems, will enable the F/A-18 aircrews to prepare for its simulated mission.

Swiss F/A-18 pilots will also be able to review the mission and data captured by the debriefing system after completing simulated mission.