The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has deployed a Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-2) guided enhanced missile (GEM) defence system following an upgrade.

The IAF, which operates about ten batteries of the PAC GEM system, has upgraded it to the capabilities of the advanced PAC-3 system, according to

During the upgrade, US defence contractor Raytheon replaced older components and installed new technology for the GEM-T missiles.

Israel received its GEM fleet under a $100m contract awarded by the US Defense Department to Raytheon in May 2007.

Code named as Yahalom, or diamond, the GEM has been placed as the fourth element of a five-layer missile defence system.

The IAF, which has never fired the GEM in wartime, used the system in 2006 to track unmanned aerial vehicles used by Islamic political and paramilitary group Hezbollah to penetrate Israeli air space.