The US Air Force has contracted Oshkosh Airport Products Group to supply 22 H-Series runway broom / blower vehicles and one H-Series high-speed blower vehicle for its bases.

The air force will deploy the units at its bases throughout Germany, the UK and the US from September 2010.

Built for a standardised air force base configuration, the H-Series vehicle will be provided with spare parts and operator training.

The runway broom / blower vehicle will include an 18ft by 46in front-mounted and hydrostatically driven rotary broom.

It will also feature a mid-mounted, hydrostatically driven, forced air blower, powered by a dedicated 330hp engine.

Featuring a 335hp chassis engine and a 700hp dedicated blower engine, the single high-speed blower can disperse as much as 3,000t of snow an hour at a distance of up to 150ft.

It can effectively handle variable snow conditions with its hydrostatic-drive ribbon, driven independently from the impeller.

The H-Series chassis also includes all-wheel drive and Oshkosh’s ALL STEER electronic all-wheel steering for manoeuvrability and safety interlocks with an emergency stop feature for attachments.