The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is taking part in Exercise Bersama Shield 2010, part of the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) exercise.

During the exercise, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) will partner with defence forces from Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and the UK.

The exercise, designed to enhance the interoperability of the combined air, ground and naval forces of the FPDA, will include 18 warships and approximately 2,500 personnel.

During the exercise, the RAAF will deploy one of its AP-3C Orion from 10 Squadron and eight F/A-18 fighters from 75 Squadron, along with navy and army units.

The AP-3C Orion will conduct a wide range of tactical missions in joint exercise with Malaysian and Singaporean land-based and naval units.

AP-3C crew will test their skills and the technologies of the upgraded maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) against the combat aircraft and warships operated by FPDA member nations.