Frequentis Defense will deliver its voice communications system (VCS) to support the Iraq air command and control system (I-ACCS) programme, under a deal with Lockheed.

The firm will provide its VCS 3020X voice communication system and DIVOS digital voice recorder as part of a Lockheed Martin project.

VCS 3020X is based on a highly modular, distributed and decentralised architecture that includes extensive redundancy.

It provides a parallel operation core switch with duplicated data and audio paths, and a modern user interface technology that uses sunlight-readable colour touch panels.

For I-ACCS, the system will include 24 operator positions that use the latest graphical user interface, the iPOS touch panel, with the option to expand system operators in the future.

Frequentis will deliver the communications system to Lockheed in July 2010, and deployment in Iraq will begin in early 2011.

Under the I-ACCS programme, Lockheed will supply a networked communications infrastructure including a sector operation centre (SOC) and a training suite.

It will also supply a ground-to-air transmitter and receiver (GATR) site and an AN/TPS-77 long-range air surveillance radar system.