The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has dispatched its C-130H and C-130J Hercules military transport aircraft to Arkansas, US, to take part in the Air Warrior II military exercise.

The two C-130s, dispatched on 13 April 2010 from RAAF Base Richmond, are part of the No. 37 Squadron.

During the Air Warrior II exercise, RAAF aircrew will deliver troops and cargo in a simulated frontline environment.

A contingent of 88 Australian personnel will jointly participate in the exercises with US military crew.

Air Warrior II will include day-and-night missions in a training area featuring airstrips, drop zones and a host of simulated enemy threats.

Commanding officer of No. 37 Squadron Wing Commander Matt Hegarty said Air Warrior II was an excellent opportunity to further develop the skills of air force and army air dispatch personnel in a joint environment.

“Our participation in Air Warrior II is part of how we’re able to successfully integrate with coalition partners on real-world operations,” he said.

“Through this exercise, we learn from people with the skills and experience in conducting high intensity air mobility operations.”