Lockheed Martin and Aerojet have achieved a technological milestone in the joint air-to-ground missile (JAGM) programme.

The team successfully completed full temperature range testing and validation to support a single rocket motor solution for all JAGM fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms.

The test was conducted in Camden, Arkansas, US, as part of a series of cold temperature missile motor firings.

The rocket motor was manufactured to a tactical configuration using a composite motor case conditioned to -65°F.

The process replicated the highly stressful thermal requirements of a fixed-wing launch at altitude.

The Aerojet rocket motor offers a single-motor solution for JAGM’s challenging fixed-wing, rotary-wing and unmanned aerial vehicle requirements.

Aerojet has developed the advanced boost-sustain motor in partnership with Roxel, General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, and Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company.

It supports the Lockheed JAGM team effort as part of the competitive technology demonstration phase of the programme.