Advanced airborne video, data recording systems and ground debriefing systems will be installed on the Chilean Air Force’s (FACH) F-16 aircraft.

RADA Electronic Industries will deliver the systems to the FACH as part of a $1m contract signed during the FIDAE 2010 International Air and Space Fair in Santiago, Chile.

RADA’s Video Recorder & Data Server System (VRDS) will offer video and data recording and mass-storage management on board combat platforms of all kinds.

The VRDS can record up to six video channels, two audio channels, MIL-STD-1553 Mux-Bus data, and Gigabit Ethernet data, all tagged with precise time for post-mission synchronised debriefing.

The Ground Debriefing Systems (GDS) will provide the ground segment supporting mission debriefing and air-combat exercises.

The GDS can simultaneously synchronise recording and playback of numerous digital channels, carrying audio and video from multiple sources.

RADA will complete the delivery by the first half of 2011.