The remaining flight tests on two Gripen NG fighters will be carried out by the Indian Air Force (IAF) as part of the $12bn medium multirole combat aircraft (MMRCA) deal.

Initial flight tests were carried out at Jaisalmer Air Force Station (AFS) in Bangalore, where the aircraft underwent various air-to-air refuelling and flying manoeuvres.

The IAF’s MMRCA team will now complete flight tests over Pokhran and Leh, following which, the aircraft will be shifted to Jamnagar AFS and then to an air base in Sweden.

One of the Gripens will undertake hot weather trials in and around Jaisalmer AFS, and later perform a dummy run and bomb drop at the Pokhran test range.

The other fighter, as part of the cold weather trials, will land in Leh, switch off, refuel and then take off again, according to The Hindu.

Once the flight trials are complete, the MMRCA evaluation team will write the technical report and select three or four contenders for the competition.

The IAF will then announce the commercial bids for the deal, which will only be awarded to the lowest bidder, as per India’s defence procurement procedure.