The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has launched a new Air Force Training Command (AFTC) to provide foundational training to all airmen.

The AFTC will operate under a centralised command, and provide foundational training for manned and unmanned flying and ground-based air defence to support the RSAF’s operational commands.

Training will also be provided for control, communications and engineering personnel.

It will use advanced technologies and training methods to create a realistic training environment for the third-generation airmen.

Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen said the creation of the AFTC would enhance the RSAF’s ability to produce and train highly professional and competent airmen for the RSAF.

“As the centre of foundational training for all air force vocations, the AFTC will play a central role in strengthening the RSAF’s operational capabilities, as it ensures that its training is operationally relevant and realistic,” he said.

It will also impress on its people the right core values and knowledge to perform their operational duties more effectively and achieve mission success.