France has compensated the Taiwan Air Force by providing parts and maintenance services worth €10m ($13.5m) for its fleet of Mirage 2000 aircraft.

The maintenance services provided were in response to engine damage to the Mirage 2000, which prompted the air force to reduce training time and flight missions.

As part of the compensation, France supplied Snecma M53-P2 turbofan engines, advanced-scope testing equipment and trained air force personnel free of charge.

The air force has now resumed normal training operations of 15 hours monthly with the Mirage 2000, according to the Bangkok Post.

Normal training was reduced to eight hours, from September to December 2009, after cracks were discovered in the blades of several Mirage engines.

Taiwan ordered 48 single-seat Mirage 2000-5EI interceptors and 12 Mirage twin-seat 2000-5DI trainers in 1992.