A tactical systems test has been carried out by Saab on Gripen NG demonstrators, as part of the ongoing flight test programme.

The latest flight, number 117, was conducted at the Saab facilities in Linkoping, to verify the AESA radar and the new communications system of the Gripen NG aircraft.

Gripen NG demonstrator project manager Mattias Bergstrom said the test programme was very extensive, and the unusually harsh cold and snowy winter in Sweden had challenged the programme schedule but it was now quickly catching up.

Saab has already finished, and successfully verified, the flight tests of the electro-optical missile approach warning system (MAW) and the new fuel system with larger internal fuel tanks.

The next generation of the Gripen fighter aircraft, the Gripen NG, is currently in service with the air forces of Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary and South Africa.

The Gripen NG is also on order for the Royal Thai Air Force, and is flown by the Empire Test Pilots School, ETPS, in the UK.