A milestone has been reached by the USAF’s rapid attack identification, detection reporting systems (RAIDRS) RB-10 with the successful completion of the required asset available (RAA) test.

The RAA milestone will now act as the platform for the system’s initial operating capability (IOC).

Prime contractor Integral Systems will now use the RAA milestone for additional capabilities in order to meet the full operational capability (FOC).

Integral Systems air force programmes vice-president Jeff Benesh said that once the system was fully operational, the US military would be able to better detect, identify and locate interference against its space assets.

Integral Systems uses its commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software components in the system.

The other team members in the programme includes, RT Logic, SAT Corporation and Newpoint Technologies.

RT Logic provides its Telemetrix Sentinel products for signal processing, SAT provides its Monics satellite carrier monitoring / interference detection software, and Newpoint Technologies provides its compass enterprise management system.