The USAF development contract to improve the accuracy of global positioning system (GPS) satellites has been awarded to Raytheon.

Under the $886m contract, Raytheon will produce the first two development blocks of the advanced control segment (OCX), which will significantly enhance GPS capabilities.

Based on a modern service-oriented architecture, the OCX system will feature anti-jam capabilities and improved security, accuracy and reliability as well as integrate government and industry open-system standards.

The OCX will strengthen GPS command, control and mission capabilities, as well as make the operations of the current GPS block II and all future GPS satellites easier.

A satellite-based radio navigation system for the military and the public, the GPS includes three major segments, which include the user segment, the space segment and the control segment, comprising a master control station and ground antennas.

Raytheon’s team in this project includes Boeing, ITT, Braxton Technologies, Infinity Systems Engineering and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.