The Iranian Air Force has formed the first squadron of domestically manufactured Saeqeh thunderbolt fighter aircraft.

Lieutenant commander of the army’s air force for operations General Seyed Mohammad Allavi said the squadron was the first fighter squadron equipped with planes and equipment made inside the country, according to Fars News Agency.

The squadron will carry different types of rockets, bombs and machine guns, and will be capable of hitting ground targets from any distance and can.

The second generation of the Iranian Azarakhsh fighter, the Saeqeh is a single-seater fighter jet.

The air force has developed the aircraft in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence.

All pilots flying the Saeqeh aircraft have passed training courses in Iran.

The aircraft have successfully passed tests such as near water and low-altitude flights and long-range targeting with real and training ammunitions.

“The squadron is capable of detecting and confronting aggressive aircraft and enemy fighters,” Allavi said.

Iran has plans to produce the forth and fifth generations of Saeqeh aircraft in the near future.

Iran displayed the first squadron of Saeqeh fighter jets in an air show held in September 2009, at the beginning of the week of sacred defence.