The US Air Force’s Langley Base has conducted an operationally focused review of the air force distributed common ground system (DCGS) known as the Sentinel weapon system.

The Sentinel Focus 10A review was conducted by the 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing (ISR), from 22-26 February 2010.

The second comprehensive review of the air force DCGS global enterprise, the Sentinel Focus 10A includes a qualitative and quantitative review of five ISR distributed ground stations.

The review will provide the wing with an opportunity to focus on the weapon system’s support to the Operation Enduring Freedom surge.

With the review, the wing will be in a better position to judge ISR’s role during the drawdown in Iraq and the special armistice mission in the Republic of Korea.

480th ISR Wing commander Col. Daniel R Johnson said they were in constant communication with ground forces before, during and after their deployments.

“Because of our direct outreach to the ground forces and continuous technological improvements, we are committed to this across-the-board review of the DCGS weapons system every six months in order to remain flexible and ready for any challenge, man-made or from Mother Nature,” he said.

The 480th ISR Wing’s mission performs continual ISR operations for component and combatant commanders, and participates in vital national cryptologic missions.

Its units and ground sites are located in Virginia, California and Hawaii in the US, and South Korea and Germany.