The Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) Project Vigilare, a network-centric command and control system (NC3S) solution, has passed factory acceptance testing and now faces an on-site acceptance test.

Boeing Defence Australia conducted the factory test at its system integration laboratory in Brisbane to verify system-level requirements for delivery of the Northern Regional Operational Centre (NROC) system.

The NC3S installed at the NROC will now undergo on-site acceptance testing during March, which will be followed by operational testing mid year, before it is delivered to Australia.

The system integrates advanced technologies, including data from land, sea, air and space platforms, sensors, data links and intelligence agencies.

With the help of this data the NC3S will provide tactical and strategic-level surveillance and battlespace management operations across wide geographic regions.

A ground-based air defence command and control system, Vigilare, performs three core missions for the RAAF.

The Vigilare system’s first mission includes an air defence surveillance network, the second mission includes battlespace management capability and the third is to support the training of RAAF operators in the conduct of the first two missions.