The US Air Force’s (USAF) fleet of C-130 transport aircraft is undergoing an upgrade, with new boltless wheels and carbon brakes from Goodrich Corporation.

In August 2009, Defense Logistics Agency – Ogden signed a contract with Goodrich that will offer significant performance, cost and maintainability advantages to the USAF’s C-130s.

As part of the contract, Goodrich has designed the C-130 carbon brakes to last eight times longer and weigh 20% less than the current steel brakes.

For a tyre change, the C-130 will take 80% less time than the current bolted wheel, by using Goodrich’s C-130 boltless wheels.

Goodrich’s DURACARB carbon braking systems will provide lighter weight, longer life, higher performance and lower cost of ownership compared with steel braking systems.

Goodrich used a lock-ring design in its boltless aircraft wheels to lower maintenance time, cost and parts count.

Under the current contract, Goodrich will perform qualification activities, support flight testing, and provide retrofit equipment for the air force’s C-130 fleet.

Qualification activities will complete in the beginning of 2011, which will then be followed by initial hardware deliveries to the air force.