The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) successfully conducted the second trial flight of its B757 aircraft, to McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, on 10 February 2010, following a system upgrade.

The trial flight was conducted to test the B757’s ability to carry passengers to the high latitudes of McMurdo.

The test also verified the B757’s availability and suitability of passenger handling facilities, ground support equipment and engineering support equipment required during aircraft maintenance.

The twin-engine short-to-medium-range aircraft developed by Boeing offers exceptional fuel efficiency, low noise levels, increased passenger comfort and top operating performance.

Equipped with advanced technology, the 757 can fly both long and short-range routes, and is effective in reducing airport congestion.

Recently, the RNZAF B757 has undergone navigation system upgrade, to remove any kind of limitations of the aircraft while operating on high altitudes.

The RNZAF conducts B757 trials every year, aimed at providing the country with an efficient solution to the movement of personnel to and from the ice.