IBM has received a contract from the US Air Force to design and demonstrate mission-oriented cloud computing architecture that will support air force defence and intelligence networks.

During the ten-month project, IBM will introduce advanced cybersecurity and analytics technologies into the cloud infrastructure.

The IBM team will work with military personnel to introduce a new level of security and network resiliency into the air force cloud design, where advanced stream computing analytics will be a key design component.

The air force will use the technology, combined with sensors, monitors and other detection devices, to analyse the massive amounts of data flowing through its network.

The technology will provide fast, accurate and actionable information about cyber attacks and network, system or application failures, as well as automatically preventing disruptions.

Equipped with customised executive-level dashboards, the design will be able to deliver up-to-the-second information on the health and status of the network and facilitate decision-making.

The technology will help air force personnel to automatically shift the prevention environment based on rules-based protocols, during cyber attack or network anomalies.

The new cloud architecture model will also have automatic computing that will enable virtual cloud services to be managed remotely, without human intervention.

Operations of nine major commands, nearly 100 bases, and 700,000 active military personnel around the world are managed by the UASF’s network.