Unisys has been awarded a contract to provide IT managed services for the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) ClearPath mainframe environment that supports air force logistics.

The contract, awarded in 2009 by the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO), is estimated to be worth $187m, with a five-year term.

Unisys will provide additional mainframe processing capacity and support services for DISA’s ClearPath systems.

The ClearPath system provides support to air force logistics, defence finance and accounting service financial activities, and other Department of Defense applications.

Under the contract, Unisys will also upgrade DISA’s mainframe and storage environment, including installation of a virtual tape library storage solution.

Designed for transaction processing environments, the ClearPath Dorado 700 series provides support during highly variable performance workloads and computing tasks that require high security.

The Dorado 700 series has been designed to match computing expenditures as per business requirements.

It also supports a pay-for-use system software licensing capability that can maximise system capacity during peaks and minimise costs when usage is low.