The Swiss Air Force has received the last of 20 EC635 light helicopters, following the successful completion of final assembly in the aircraft.

With the acquisition of 20 EC635 helicopters, as past of Armaments Program 2005, the Air Force will get a fleet of modern and versatile helicopters for training and light transport missions.

The EC635 helicopters, acquired to replace the Alouette III, will be an ideal complement to the Air Force’s Super Puma and Cougar fleet.

A twin-engine, light multi-mission, militarised variant of EC 135 helicopter, the EC635 is used for troop transport, light utility, medevac, training, target designation, reconnaissance and search and rescue missions in unarmed configuration.

The EC635, fitted with armament pods, housing guns, guided missiles or rockets, is also used in hostile environments, anti-tank, light attack against ground positions, fire support, escort, border control and zone neutralisation missions.

The cockpit design of the EC635, similar to the Eurocopter Cougar, provides trainee pilots with comfort and safety.

The final assembly in Switzerland will provide a better understanding of the system, and will be useful when introducing the latter, and for its support and maintenance.

The EC635 fleet will be fully operational for routine operations, following completion of the introductory phase in mid-2010.