The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of the C-130J Hercules aircraft at its RAF Lyneham base.

The C130J aircraft, used by the RAF in operations in Afghanistan and during operations in Iraq, has been serving the RAF since the first delivery of a C130J aircraft in November 1999.

The Lockheed-developed advanced tactical C130J aircraft has been designed and developed for combat delivery, air-to-air refuelling, special operations, disaster relief and humanitarian missions.

Equipped with a more advanced electronic system and powerful engines than its predecessor the C130K, the C-130J provides remarkable safety.

The C130J aircraft has a more efficient nature and is capable of climbing faster and higher and can take off from and land on shorter runways.

The RAF will actively use the C-130J as the only Hercules type aircraft in its service, from 2012.