Elbit’s Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) aircraft, has completed its successful maiden flight, and will soon begin serial production upon completion of additional flight tests.

Based on the successful Hermes 450, the key capabilities of the Hermes 900 include longer endurance, a flight altitude of more than 30,000ft and a large payload capacity up to 300kg.

The Hermes 900, made for the Israeli Defence Forces, offers an advanced satellite communication channel, and its modular design allows fast payload replacement and flight capabilities in adverse weather conditions.

Operated from Elbit’s universal command and control ground station (UGCS), the Hermes 900 aircraft is capable of advanced mission management, automatic taxiing, autonomous flight and automatic take-off and landing systems.

For the the purpose of taking flight in a combined civil and unmanned aviation area, the Hermes 900 includes innovative avionics, electronic systems and a silent engine.

The new Hermes 900 UAV is equipped with additional cutting-edge technology and applications such as electro-optic systems, laser designators and electronic intelligence sensors (ELINT, COMINT).

Elbit Systems UAS division co-general manager Haim Kellerman said the fact that the Hermes 900 builds on existing applications and similar infrastructure of the Hermes 450 allows Elbit Systems to transfer the new UAV directly into serial production.