The University of Dayton Research Institute has received a contract from the US Air Force Research Laboratory’s Propulsion Directorate, to develop advanced jet fuels and combustion technologies.

Under the $49.5m, six-year programme, the institute will work to improve conventional fuels, and develop advanced fuels, including biofuels, advanced synthetic fuels and renewable energy resources.

The institute will also expand the current technology base and develop new additives and fuel / combustion technologies for advanced aircraft and aerospace systems, during the programme.

The programme will follow objectives such as investigating analytical and diagnostics technologies for fuels, additives and combustion processes; advanced / alternate fuels development, evaluation, demonstration and management; and advance affordable fuel / combustion additive technologies.

Other programme objectives will include support alternative fuel development, materials compatibility, modeling and simulation, technology integration and demonstration for thermal management, and fuel system operability, supportability and maintainability.