The UK MoD’s defence equipment and support operation has awarded a three-year contract to QinetiQ for continuing support for the Typhoon programme.

The $61m contract follows on the original $85.42m contract signed with the Typhoon project team in August 2006.

It will cover release to service recommendations, crew protection and performance, mission system software support, technical and business support in addition airworthiness and safety clearance.

A highly agile air superiority and air-to-surface, multirole / swing-role weapon system, the Eurofighter Typhoon is the aircraft of choice for six nations’ air forces, including Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Austria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since the conception of the programme, QinetiQ has provided independent Release to Service (RTS) safety recommendations, the technical review of verification, qualification and certification (VQ&C) evidence and programme risk reduction.

QinetiQ has also provided recovery support activities, future capability / decision support, and the operation of strategic facilities for the MoD.