Boeing is to perform phase two of the laptop-controlled targeting pod software upgrade for US Air Force B-1 fighter jets.

Under the $23m contract, Boeing will integrate the Sniper pod with the B-1 software to deliver single-moving-target kill capability using the guided bomb unit-54 (GBU-54) laser joint direct attack munition (laser JDAM).

Laser JDAM adds a precision laser guidance set to the standard JDAM tail kit to acquire, track and engage mobile targets.

The upgrade will also enable the targeting pod to find stationary targets and automatically send the target GPS coordinates via the B-1’s avionics system to the weapons reducing response time and error margin.

The software is expected to enter testing in February 2011.

The air force has so far updated 40 of its 66 B-1 aircraft with the software and hardware that allows the aircraft to use the 15 interchangeable Sniper pods and the associated laptops assigned to the fleet.