Sukhoi has begun producing components of the Su-35S fighter jets for the Russian Air Force.

The air force had been awarded a contract to deliver 48 Sukhoi Su-35S jets before 2015.

The Su-35 is a modernised highly manoeuvrable multifunctional fourth-generation aircraft, employing fifth-generation technologies.

Powered by new engines with an increased thrust and a vectored thrust nozzle, the Su-35 has low observability and features a new suite of onboard instruments.

The aircraft’s suite includes an information management system integrated with onboard subsystems and a new phased array radar system with long-range aerial target detection.

The radar detects and tracks an increased number of targets, continuing space observation and target engagement.

The fighter jets will strengthen Russia’s defence potential and allow rearming of combat aviation.

The assembly of the first serial planes will begin in 2010.