Northrop will develop and test an anti-jam embedded GPS and inertial navigation unit (EGI) for the US Air Force’s A-10C Thunderbolt aircraft.

The order is one of the multiple-task orders awarded by the air force under the A-10 Thunderbolt life-cycle programme support (TLPS) programme.

Northrop will initially perform an integrated architecture and life-cycle costs analysis and install a temporary modification in the 18-month contract period.

Northrop will then develop a system safety programme and provide programme and engineering management support to conduct an operational assessment of the EGI capability during flight test.

Northrop has partnered with BAE Systems Control, and Borsight Aerospace, for the programme.

The TLPS contract allows the USAF to authorise up to $1.6bn of aircraft support activity during an initial four-year period followed by three two-year optional contract periods.