Chile looks to gain 100 additional AIM-120C-7 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles (AMRAAM) from the US through its foreign military sale.

The AIM-120 is a new-generation air-to-air missile with an all-weather, beyond-visual-range capability that can be loaded onto F-15, F-16, F-22 and developmental F-35 aircraft platforms.

AMRAAM, derived from the AIM-7 Sparrow missile is faster, smaller and lighter with improved capabilities against low-altitude targets.

It has an active radar with an inertial reference unit and micro-computer system making it less dependent upon the fire-control system of the aircraft.

Once the missile closes on a target, its active radar guides it to intercept, enabling the pilot to aim and fire several missiles simultaneously at multiple targets.

According to the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the proposed sale worth $145m will include associated parts, equipment such as containers, spare and repair parts, support equipment and logistical support.

Chile plans to update its capability to meet current and future threats of enemy air-to-air weapons through the use of the missiles and enhance interoperability with the US and other allies.

Chile already has AMRAAM missiles in its inventory.