The Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) has received the first remote aerial refuelling operator (RARO) trainer from Boeing and ACME Worldwide Enterprises.

The RARO II trainer will support JASDF’s KC-767J tanker aircraft.

The trainer simulation will allow boom operators to refuel aircraft while sitting near the tanker cockpit at a console outfitted with several cameras and remote controls.

The RARO II replicates the KC-767J RARO II station, controls, instruments and digital cameras, provides high-fidelity images of the tanker’s lower fuselage, the refuelling boom and the receiver aircraft.

The system replicates the day, night and near-infrared views from the KC-767J’s camera arrays to enhance depth perception and provide pinpoint control.

The software in RARO II trainer is designed to support distributed mission operations.

The software helps the trainer to interact with tanker and receiver trainers, while piloted by other students or instructors, directly and in real time.

Additional RARO II capabilities replicated in the trainer include fuel system displays and fault recording, advancing the device’s training capability beyond refuelling connections alone.

The first three KC-767J aerial refuelling tankers for the JASDF, equipped with Boeing’s advanced aerial refuelling boom and RARO II system, achieved initial operational capability in the beginning of 2009, and have been placed in an active air wing.

The fourth tanker will be delivered in early 2010.