Alenia North America will provide C-27/G.222 aircrew and maintenance training for US air advisers to the Afghan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC).

The C-27/G.222 designed as a military airlifter, is capable of take-off and landing in almost any operating condition, including harsh and austere environments.

The $7m contract will involve a year of training classes, lasting between 15 and 40 days for pilots, loadmasters, crew chiefs and maintenance personnel depending on the duties.

The training will include classroom academics, practical training and flight training at the Alenia facility in Italy.

The USAF is scheduled to receive 18 refurbished C-27/G.222 aircraft from Alenia for the ANAAC that will be used by the Combined Security Transition Command in Afghanistan.

The C-27/G.222 will provide humanitarian aid and security to the Afghan population.