Orbit Technologies will supply two leading Israeli defence companies with a range of tracking solutions through 2010.

The deal includes tactical systems for tracking unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), systems designed for radar installation integration and large systems for tracking airborne manned platforms.

The small tactical systems will be based on Orbit’s AL-4012 that can be carried by infantry troops for tracking UAVs.

The large systems will be based on the AL-4018 intended for tracking test flights and Orbit will also supply electromechanical rotational systems for radar.

The rugged, customisable AL-4018 withstands harsh environmental conditions and has a dynamic and high-accuracy modular design.

The AL-4012 is a compact, robust and cost-effective lightweight digital tracking system with high dynamic accuracy and a single command and control communication link, and is designed for fixed and portable ground installations.

The order is valued at $3m.