The UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF’s) fleet of 28 Puma helicopters will be equipped with a Selex Galileo defensive aids suite (DAS) as part of a £300m upgrade programme.

Under the total upgrade, 28 Pumas will be upgraded with new and more powerful engines, new flight control equipment and modern cockpit and communications technology along with options to add two further aircraft to the programme.

The DAS, based on helicopter integrated defensive aids system (HIDAS) technology, will include a separate DAS controller and multi-function colour display to warn crew of threats, increase situational awareness and record mission data for post-flight analysis.

A variant of the DAS controllers is also installed on the RAF’s fleet of Chinook helicopters.

The total upgrade will furnish the RAF with 28 helicopters with the capacity to transport troops in the hottest and most demanding conditions that might be encountered in Afghanistan.

The RAF operates a fleet of Puma support helicopters in two operational squadrons as battlefield helicopters within the Joint Helicopter Command.