The Royal Moroccan Air Force will purchase 24 T-6C trainer aircraft from Hawker Beechcraft under a $185.3m foreign military sales contract.

The nation will be the first to acquire the new T-6C model aircraft, which is an improved version of the T-6A Texan II.

The T-6C features an integrated glass cockpit and advanced avionics suite for advanced training, which includes a head-up display, up front control panel, three multifunction displays and hands-on throttle and stick.

The aircraft also has a hard point wing to allow for external fuel tanks.

The jet trainer will replace the air force’s current T-34 basic trainer and Cessna T-37 jet trainers, which will reduce fuel requirements by 66%.

The trainer aircraft and equipment mirrors the systems and capabilities of contemporary front-line strike fighter aircraft making it ideal as a primary trainer.

The contract also includes ferry services, site survey, support and test equipment, infrastructure support, personnel training and training equipment and other related technical and logistics support.